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Software Development Foundation

The Software Development Foundation (SDS) is an open architecture designed for developing tools for software development. Based on XML, the SDS makes it easy for most languages and other systems to incorporate its tools. The core of SDS is the Code Structure Format (CSF) which collects most interesting information about source code which can be easily utilised by tools. Included is also a documentation application SDOC which allows CSF-files to be streamlined for documentation. Some simple flowcharts have been made for CSF and SDOC which basically shows how SDS can be used. SDS is currently in development, but we put out a few development releases now and then.

2001-11-21: We are officially dormant


Fri Mar 2 23:25:50 CET 2001

The SevenParrots developer version (0.5.17) was released today. It is still not there, but it is a bugfix-release for 0.5.16

Changes from 0.5.16:

    - fixed CFLAGS bug in build
    - allowed cmucl to be used on solaris
    - added faq-questions about hyperspec and docbook dtd
    - updated other docs
    - fixed path problems in parts of the lisp-server
    - improved lisp2csf
    - made sdoc more lenient with objects occuring in weird places.
    - added hyperspec-support from prefs-file for sdoc.
    - added docbook dtd prefs-option
    - removed a few compile warnings and errors in src/expat
    - improved the python client to be more chatty and informative.
    - improved tmpfile handling in script
Tue Feb 27 01:43:43 CET 2001

A build-problem with the first uploaded YayChristmas-version was discovered. If you download now it should be fixed, if not, please check the sds-devel mailing-list archive for details, or download again. Another issue is a few errors which were discovered with lisp2csf which is in the python client. These errors occur if you do not have an appropriate $HOME/.sds/prefs.xml file. Please have a look at tests/glob-prefs.xml as an example of such a prefs-file. You may also want to download a better version of src/python/sds/ to replace the one in the archive. (overwrite the old one, and do a 'make install' in the src/python directory and lisp2csf, csf2sdoc and sdoc2doc will all be improved. The 0.5.17 version will include this fix.

Mon Feb 26 00:47:28 CET 2001

The YayChristmas developer version (0.5.16) was released today. It is still not there, but it is a clear improvment from 0.5.15.

Changes from 0.5.15 (WaitingForChristmas)
  • added simple doc-generator for apis, and included docs
  • removed unsused gettext/intl/po
  • added rule-based sdoc-system (rule-compiler included)
  • added the crude beginning of xptesting to lisp-code
  • added working python frontend and api-support for python
  • simplified build overall and esp. in lisp
  • added no-server option for lisp and added support for this in clients
  • improvement in all language frontends, java and lisp should do ok, python is getting there but c++ is not as hip as it should be yet
  • lots of other (minor) updates and bugfixing