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This page decribes how we plan that SDS will be extended from wherever it is at the moment (we're at 0.5.17). The current releases are for developers to check functionality and to add new stuff. They're also releases which we want feedback on new functionality so it can be incorporated in later releases, and not least: bug-reports (see the Sourceforge bug-report page).

Our next target is the

    0.5.18 - release date: april 2001
    - bugfixing
    - improvement of sdoc-output
    - improvement of csf-linking and prettification
    - improvement of C/C++ frontend    

Please check the sds-devel archive to read the full announcements with all juicy details.

Features planned, without pinned release date

  • Call-tree traversal tool
  • "tree-shaker" to ease work when looking for dead functions.
  • More documentation formats
  • Better Emacs support
  • A GUI

Changes from older versions:

From 0.5.16

    - fixed CFLAGS bug in build
    - allowed cmucl to be used on solaris
    - added faq-questions about hyperspec and docbook dtd
    - updated other docs
    - fixed path problems in parts of the lisp-server
    - improved lisp2csf
    - made sdoc more lenient with objects occuring in weird places.
    - added hyperspec-support from prefs-file for sdoc.
    - added docbook dtd prefs-option
    - removed a few compile warnings and errors in src/expat
    - improved the python client to be more chatty and informative.
    - improved tmpfile handling in script