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C++ Front-End Status

Maintained by Karl Trygve Kalleberg

Current status

The front-end seems to parse the C and C++ standard libraries fairly ok. Numerous nuances in the C++ language are probably missed now. If you have anything to add, please update or add a new case in the src/cplusplus/occ/test/ directory h4>The following features have been tested and is believed to be working

  • Parsing of class-, struct-, union-, namespace-, function-, constructor- and variable-constructs.
  • Generation of semi-proper IDs for all parsed constructs.
  • Dumping of syntactically and semantically correct .xml files

Issues still battled with

  • IDs don't have the proper location information. Neither do they have all the type info they should have
  • Location info only have start-position of the construct. Should add end-construct as well.
  • No memory is reclaimed. It easily eats 100MB to parse the standard C library.
  • To parse through the standard libraries, you must pass the -D__restrict= option to cxx2csf for now. /ul>