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Python Front-End Overview

Maintained by Karl Trygve Kalleberg

The Python front-end source lives in the file src/python/sds/ It is a simple extension to the parsing example that comes with the Python documentation. In fact, the code for 'match' is exactly as described in the documentation.

Using the Python front-end

After SDS has been make installed, the python front-end will reside in <prefix>/bin as py2csf. Make sure you have Python 1.5.x or newer installed before testing it:

$ <prefix>/bin/py2csf sds/src/python/ -o dump.xml
Check that the file dump.xml contains readable output.
$ <prefix>/bin/py2csf . -o dump.xml
will parse all the .py files in the current and subdirectories.

See the howto for fuller explanation on how to install and use SDS. Front-ends for other languages exist, check the front-ends page.

Testing and conformance

The Python code has been compiled and tested with the following Python tools:

See the status page for the situation on conformance to the CSF spec.